Palm City Epoxy Flooring

Transform your home and business with a modern, durable and long-lasting floors. Create an inviting space for your guests and clients, that is Insta worthy.

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Why Choose Epoxy Treasure Coast

What set us apart from the rest is our extensive floor preparation and the high-performance industrial grade epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings that we use. Our floors are designed to be economical, stress free and with minimum to no maintenance. They are designed to ensure your business is running smoothly and safely for your employee, while creating a clean and professional atmosphere.
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Protects your home and business from water damage
Resistant to oils, harsh chemicals, hot tire pick up, road salts
Easy to clean and maintain
Low odor and VOCs
Pet friendly
Seamless finish with hypoallergenic properties
Extensive warranty on product and craftmanship

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