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Epoxy Floors Treasure Coast

Whether you require hard wearing, a bespoke epoxy  floor for your garage floor or warehouse, or a luxurious poured resin floor throughout your home, Epoxy Treasure Coast offers one of the most diverse selections of epoxy finishes and styles within the industry.

With its complete practicality, it is no surprise that epoxy flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice over conventional floorings such as tiles, carpet, vinyl, and laminate flooring. With no joints, edges or seams epoxy floor finishes are an ideal choice not only for Palm CIty residential properties, but also for commercial and industrial environments.

At Epoxy Treasure Coast we offer high-performance solid colored epoxy floor finish, that is available in plain block colors or an increasingly modern concrete look. It produces an entirely seamless, highly flexible, bright and contemporary feel to any interior room space.

This epoxy floor finish is ideal for any space that requires durable, easy to clean and maintain, light reflective and safe surface. It is ideal for use in airplane hangars, labs, hospitals, dog kennels, auto repair shops, residential garages, showrooms, retail shops and much more.

Quartz Flooring Treasure Coast

If you are running a facility that is exposed to harsh chemicals, animal fats, constant moisture or it requires daily hosing down, then you need Quartz Flooring.

Quartz flooring is a mixture between the finest quartz granules and resin, cured to a thick yet flexible surface. Sealed with a protective UV Stable polyaspartic topcoat, this flooring provides a proper build, impact and chemical resistance, waterproof and hardwearing.

Designed specifically for places that need anti-slip resistance, hygiene, and easy maintenance, quartz flooring provides safe working surface for Palm City' s commercial kitchens, veterinarian clinics, changing rooms, public bathrooms, wet or dry processing plants, fire and rescue, buildings, high traffic areas and industrial facilities.

Quartz flooring can also be highly decorative, allowing for the creation of different shapes and patterns on the floor. This slurry floor mixture can also be used on wall for creating backdrops.
Quartz broadcast floors Treasure Coast can also be used in residential settings such as garage flooring, driveways, walkways, pool decks, and patios.

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From garage floors, to residential and commercial epoxy floors, we offer durable and long-lasting concrete floor coatings.

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