Palm City Epoxy Garage Flooring

Transform your garage into a part of your house that you are proud of.

Why Choose Garage Flooring?

Our Palm City garages have become an important part of our homes, that is often neglected. From parking our cars, to being the home storage, workshop, mancave and even home gym, the concrete floor in the garage experience daily wear and tear.

If the concrete is not protected, stains cracks, dust, dirt and chips will quickly become a normal sight on the floor. Stains from oils and marks from heavy tool boxes or gym equipment will be virtually impossible to be removed.

At Epoxy Treasure Coast we offer an affordable way to protect your concrete floors, while enhancing the look and feel of your garage. With our high-quality epoxy garage floor coatings, you can look years down the track and still have a brand new looking floor.

Our epoxy floor coatings are designed to protect your garage floor from damage from daily life activities, as well as oil stains, tire marking, dirt and cracks.

Our high-performance epoxy garage coatings are ideal both for Palm City residential and commercial garages. If you own a workshop, auto repair shop, dealership or showroom, with epoxy flooring you won't have to worry about heavy rolling tool boxes, floor jacks, and jack stands damaging your concrete floors.

Benefits of Garage Flooring

Durable and Long lasting

Our high-performance, industrial grade epoxy coatings are designed to penetrate deep within the concrete pores, and harden to a thickness that will stay solid while simultaneously exhibiting flexible properties. These characteristic traits make tire markings, chipping, cracking and hot tire pick up a problem of the past.  

Easy to Clean

Epoxy cures to a seamless surface, that won't collect dirt, moisture, or germs. The non-porous surface will prevent liquids and oils from penetrating and staining your new floors or concrete slab underneath.

Chemicals, road salt, oil, and hot tires resistant

Our epoxy coatings are resistant to chemicals, road salts, liquids and machine oils. Thanks to our thorough floor preparation, you can rest assured that your epoxy garage floor is protected from hot tires pick-up, lifting and peeling.

Variety of color blends

Say goodbye to stained boring concrete garage floors. With epoxy coatings you can transform your garage, into a stylish space, that you are proud off. From solid colors, to metallic epoxy and flake floors, the color possibilities are endless.
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Garage Floor Installation

The reason why many DIY and store box epoxy kits fail soon after installation is the fact that the concrete has not been prepared properly. Floor preparation is crucial for ensuring that your new epoxy floor will last years to come without lifting, peeling or cracking.

  • Step 1

    We start every floor project by mechanically grinding the concrete floor to remove any traces of old coatings, dirt, oils, stains and grime. This ensures the concrete will have the correct profile for the epoxy to penetrate and bond.

  • Step 2

    We repair any cracks, holes and imperfections on the floor. This is to ensure the structural integrity of both the concrete and your new epoxy floor coating.

  • Step 3

    Once we are happy with the look, we move on to applying the epoxy floor system you have selected (solid color, epoxy flake or metallic epoxy).

  • Step 4

    Once the floor system is installed and cured, we seal it with an UV stable protective polyaspartic topcoat. The topcoat will protect your newly installed garage floor from damage, stains and discoloration.

Our Palm Beach Epoxy Floor Services Near You

From garage floors, to residential and commercial epoxy floors, we offer durable and long-lasting concrete floor coatings.

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